Street Musicians

by Brittany Tedesco

One of my favorite things about living in a city is all the diverse and talented (and sometimes, not so talented) street musicians and performers.  While it’s nice to toss them a few bucks when they’re exceptionally gifted, I think it’s even more important that these musicians gain some recognition.  They probably have more talent than most artists you hear on mainstream radio.  All they’re missing is the publicity.

There’s quite a few I’ve noticed around Brisbane. One of my favorites is a cool guy who sits on the corner across the street from a club I frequent a bit too often.  But one of the best parts of going there is getting to hear this guy.  He will make up raps about you on the spot as you walk by or stop to listen.

(I apologize for the terrible video quality.  It was taken drunkenly on an iphone while also dancing, but hey, it’s something…)

This guy deserves to be heard, and so do many others.  If you see a cool musician in a city you live in/travel to, send us a short video clip to (Please include the city it was taken in, your name, and anything else you’d like to include about the artist, and we’ll share it here on WanderLUST!)


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