My Packing List (for Egypt)

Packing is one of the hardest parts of any trip, especially as a woman who loves to have options! Here is the list I created for myself right before leaving for Egypt. I may have overpacked just a little, but at least I didn’t forget anything. We were prepared for all situations, even Blind Mike getting traveler’s diarrhea from honey dew melon on his birthday. So here’s my packing list which will hopefully help you remember everything you could possibly need!

Checked Bag
body wash
dry shampoo
febreeze to go
q tips
bottle opener
nail file
extra headphones
insect repellant
     pepto bismal
     allergy relief/antihistamine
     motion sickness/dimenhydrinate
     afterbite itch relief
     nasal spray
     bacitracin ointment
stomach medicine kit from travel clinic (immodium, rehydration packs, etc.)
first aid (band aids, cotton swabs, alcohol prep pads)
sun screen
aloe lotion/burn relief gel

tide to go
ear plugs
motion sickness band
portable charger

notebook and folder with flight info and itinerary
egypt guidebook
plug adapters
go pro +charger
selfie stick + lenses
playing cards
face wipes
wallet with cash, license, student ID card, credit cards
neck pillow
makeup bag:
     perfume/body spray
     make up
     hand sanitizer
phone + charger
water bottle
2 maxi dresses
2 pairs of elephant pants
1 pair leggings
2-3 pairs of shorts
a few tshirts and tank tops to mix and match
3 short sleeved cardigans & kimonos
1 jumpsuit
2 bathing suits
a few pairs of socks
a few bras + undies

Reminder to pack all liquids or anything else that might leak into plastic bags!

Note: I originally didn’t plan to bring so much but since we were going for a month we decided to pack tons of medicine, bug spray, sunscreen, shampoo etc. which I needed to check due to liquid requirements. I kind of wish I hadn’t brought a checked bag and just brought a bigger backpack (the one I brought was 40L  but ended up ripping during the trip and I had to sew it back together… I don’t have sewing stuff on this list but luckily one of the hotels we stayed at had a little sewing kit that I kept with me; you might want to add that your list!). For the most part, the suitcase was left at hotels/hostels but when we were in between stays, it became more of a hassle than it was worth. It did come in handy when bringing back souvenirs though, so it’s really your call if you want to have to lug it around or not. I would recommend only packing travel size liquids though, even if it is a longer trip, because you can always buy that stuff once you arrive.


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