About Us

WanderLUST Magazine is an e-magazine sharing funny, awkward, honest adventures from around the world. “Wanderlust” means the desire to travel, a longing or impulse towards wandering. It has become popular for our generation to constantly feel the need to escape from where we are to find something new, something more, some kind of adventure. Inspired by her own wanderlust while studying abroad in Australia, Brittany Tedesco created WanderLUST as a way to share her own experiences and those of her peers from all different places. The emphasis is placed on “lust” because sexuality has always had this forbidden aura leaving people reluctant to talk about it, but at WanderLUST, we want it to be recognized and normalized. Thus WanderLUST Mag aims to share personal experiences from people’s daily adventures whether they are at home or around the world. It is a judgment-free zone, where contributors can expose the stories they may not usually be inclined to share.
Focusing on lifestyle, travel, sex/relationships, and feminism, our magazine offers the musings of a bunch of twenty-something’s getting a little lost and finding their place in the world.

For more information see the form below or contact Brittany directly at brittanytedesco@gmail.com



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