Release: Women Of Influence Featured for Women’s History Month

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Contact: Eden Gordon Media

(Washington, D.C.) Women of Influence are making history this spring 2018. These women are also pleased to celebrate Women’s History Month highlighting the work of many fearless women who made the pathway in our nation and around the world. Eden Gordon Media presents the Women of Influence speaker series for Spring 2018. The Women of Influence speakers are featured authors, entrepreneurs, survivors, and founders of organizations that pave the way for the next generation. These women come from California, Oregon, Indiana, and Florida, and have influenced our society with their vision to empower women and our culture.

Women of Influence from California, Linda Breitman – Empowering Women
Fulfill Everything God has Called You to Do! “If I could crawl inside your mind for 24 hours would I have a good day?” 80% of Christians wrestle with negative mindsets. The war between your ears affects everything you do—from personal relationships to succeed in business. As a woman of faith, Linda Breitman is an ordained minister, author, and inspirational speaker. Her latest identity curriculum, The Real You – Believing Your True Identity which includes a book, workbook, and video set, inspires people to align their thoughts with heaven and see themselves through God’s eyes.
Linda Breitman Weekly Podcast
May 2018 – Dominican Republic

Women of Influence from Oregon, Andi Buerger – Ending Homelessness for At-Risk Teens
“When we allow our children to be sold, to be used as a commodity, to be violated, persecuted, neglected, discarded, and preyed upon by criminal influences, we deteriorate as a civilized community because there is nothing civilized about using the weak, the innocent, the vulnerable for selfish gain. I’m living – and leaving – a positive legacy that can be adapted on any scale for the purpose of saving the future of our country, and that future is our youth.” Andi Buerger is an international speaker, corporate trainer, educator, business owner, writer, media talent, public relations and marketing consultant, nonprofit executive, and community ambassador. Andi is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Beulah’s Place, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing temporary shelter services to at-risk homeless teen boys and girls. She is in the process of locating a permanent facility in which to rescue and house more at-risk teens.
April 2018 – Annual Ladies Tea, New Creation Life Center, Redmond, Oregon
May 2018 – National Day of Prayer Community Church, Redmond, Oregon
Women of Influence from Indiana, Holly K. Dunn – She’s Fearless
“America’s backyard has been the playground for perpetrators to abuse and assault women and children. I am sickened by the constant news headlines that fill our local and national news with the sexual abuse that takes place in our society.” Holly’s work includes being the spokesperson for Holly’s House a local sexual abuse and domestic violence advocacy center which she co-founded in her hometown of Evansville, IN. That passion later evolved into her current full-time work as a motivational speaker and trainer, using her own experience and uplifting message to inspire and enlighten.
March 2018 – Penn State University, Penn State Justice Association
April 2018 – The Pamlico Rose Institute, Female Veterans, Washington, North Carolina
May 2018 – The Junior League of Richmond, Book and Author Event, Richmond Virginia

Women of Influence from Florida, Michele Rigby Assad – Breaking Barriers for Women in National Security
“Was it hard to be a CIA officer with all of the challenges that entailed? Yes. Scary? Of course. But if I was going to fulfill my life mission, I had to conquer my instinctual tendency to freeze in place. Fear would get me nowhere. Faith, however, would take me to places I never imagined.” Michele Rigby Assad began her career in the government relations department of an international relief and development organization in Washington, DC, in 1995. She joined the CIA in January 2002 to work as an intelligence officer in the Directorate of Operations, the covert arm of the agency. Specializing in counterterrorism and counterintelligence issues, Michele worked in several hot spots, including Iraq during the height of the war. To date, Michele has lived in six countries in the Near East region and traveled to more than forty-five others.
May 2018 – Park Road Books, Charlotte, North Carolina
June 2018 – The Women’s National Republican Club, New York, NY
July 2018 – The Smithsonian, Washington, D.C.

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The World’s Most Powerful Women In Tech 2016

By: Sarah,

Back in the old days, women were treated as inferior than men. Many believed that women were powerless and unable to handle manly jobs. Men were thought to be more functional compared to women, and the reason is because men are supposedly tougher physically and emotionally.

However, in the past few decades, you would notice that here has been a big development for women when it comes to employment and leadership. Gender is no longer being used as a factor to determine if a person is equipped with the proper skills and knowledge to perform or lead. Looking at current events, you would see that in some countries, people are appointing female leaders and some big companies in the world are being managed by women, same goes in the science industry.

Technology is widely known to be a man’s world, but who would have thought that even the tech industry can also be led by powerful women? Although women are engaging themselves to different fields of work, they are still having second thoughts in entering the world of technology, mainly because of lack of confidence and being scared of failure.

Well, that should not be the case. If women are given the advantage, they can become more excellent leaders compared to men. Women are better communicators and are more passionate to their employees.

We have prepared a graphic containing a list of the most powerful women of the world in the tech field in 2016. May this serve as a motivation to every woman out there.

Here is the graphic.

If you check out one thing today, make it {my lingerie play}

By: Kara Mendez

Feminism. One four-syllable word can represent an over one hundred year movement of women and men fighting for equality; a fight we are still fighting today.

Diana Oh, a new york based actor, singer, songwriter, performance artist, and feminist has comprised a collection of visual and performance installations called {my lingerie play}. If you have yet to guess, Diana performed/will perform all 10 installations in her lingerie. What originally began as a script for a solo show turned into an amazing, head turning, emotional, eye opening experience right in the heart of NYC. Diana- and later a group of women and men alongside her- stand on soapboxes in different NYC locations with cardboard signs explaining their mission.


Photo credit: Hye Yun Park

As seen on {my lingerie play}’s Facebook group, Diana Oh is standing on a soapbox holding a sign that says “I’m standing here in my lingerie because I’m a woman who enjoys wearing lingerie but does not enjoy: being catcalled, being trafficked, being sold, being owned, being told to be unhealthily thin, being told to age unnaturally, being street harassed and followed home by a car full of men at 2 in the morning (1), being asked to f-ck you like a b-tich or to suck on these n-ts and lick the d-ick (2), being called a hoe (3), a tramp (3), a stupid girl (3), or a little Asian friend (3), and being told that you love my lack of self respect (3), and that you got these b-tches all tipsy trying to sex you (3). I’m standing here in my lingerie because I’m a woman who enjoys wearing lingerie and many MANY other things (4). HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!
(1) actually happened. (2) actual lyrics (3) actual lyrics that aren’t from hip hop songs (4) see you next time!” (Installation 1/10. Times Square, New York). 

When asked about {my lingerie play} Diana released this manifesto: “The solution is not to tell women to cover up. The solution is not to tell women to keep chaste. The solution is not to tell women to stop being sexual beings. We are not asking to be harassed, abused, talked down to, or violated no matter what we are wearing. The solution is to change the way we are talked about for being a sexualized woman does not strip us of our humanity. The problem isn’t sexualization, the problem is the DEGRADATION that comes along with women expressing it. #mylingerieplay


Left to Right: Diana Oh, Kana Hatakeyama, Kim Gee, Mariah MacCarthy, Colleen O’Connor, Parker Leventer, Lillian Meredith, Melissa Lusk, Hye Yun Park (not pictured). Photo credit: Kacey Stamats.

Anyone in the NYC area should try to catch an installation before it’s over. Support and show love to Diana and her entire crew of people and performances who- through art and performance- are taking steps towards equality. Spread the word. Show your friends. Stop the catcalls, slut shaming, and harassments alongside Diana as she stands on her soapbox in her lingerie.

To find the project, more footage, & photos: 

To find Diana and to get involved:

Filmed and edited by,  Hye Yun Park

5 Types of Shaming That Women Need to Stop Doing to Each Other

by: Kara Mendez

1. Slut Shaming

It isn’t your job to shame a fellow woman because she choses not to take the same attitude regarding sex. To some women, sex is just sex. It doesn’t matter how many people she’s had/having sex with it. It doesn’t matter if she enjoys having sex with multiple men, different men, often, casually, kinky, etc. It doesn’t matter. No one should care how many people a woman is having sex with. Women slut shaming other women on5821994449_2ee727e3b0_oly makes it okay for men to slut shame women. Let’s make one thing clear. Sex is awesome. Sex is natural. Women desire sex. Sex does not define you. Sex does not lessen your worth. Sex is fucking great. Sex is freeing. Sex is calming. Sex is therapeutic. Sex has many great benefits. What we should be worried about is the safety our fellow women. “Hello there friend, I see you enjoy having sex with multiple partners, I just want to make sure your protecting yourself against STDS and pregnancy.” We should be making sure our fellow women have birth control, access to condoms, medical coverage for birth control and other contraceptives, medical coverage for yearly gynecologist visits. We should not be worried about the number of partners our fellow women have had but if they are happy, healthy, and safe.

2. Body Shaming

This goes for all kinds of bodies. Stop calling girls fat to make sure yourself feel better. Stop calling girls “bags of bones” to make sure yourself feel better. Stop telling girls they aren’t allowed to have insecurities because they have “the perfect body”. Stop telling plus size women they aren’t beautiful. Just Stop. Tell your fellow women that EVERYONE is beautiful. EVERYONE deserves respect, love, support, and a feeling of acceptance. Educate yourself on different body types– just because someone is heavier than deemed acceptable by society does not mean they are unhealthy, just because someone is thinner than society deemed acceptable doesn’t mean they have an eating disorder. Not everyone can look like “society’s perfect body” even with proper diet and exercise. We are meant to look different. We are meant to be different. That’s what makes human beings so beautiful and complex and wonderful.

3. Food Shaming

If the words “do you know how many calories is in that?” have ever come out of your mouth then you should slap yourself once in the face. There was a pretty big difference between encouraging your fellow women to live a healthy life and shaming them because they chose to eat something with a high caloric/ fat/ carbohydrate value. Sometimes, regardless of your diet, you just really need that chocolate frappuccino with extra whipped cream and chocolate chips on top. HOWEVER, this also goes the other way. Stop shaming her healthy food to make you feel better about your own. I cannot tell you the number of times while eating a kale salad, seaweed, some vegan/gluten-free snack, I’ve heard, “OMG! How can you eat that?”, “That cannot taste good”, “That’s not real food”, “How is that even healthy, like ew”, “Don’t you want some of my pizza?”. 1) I eat junk food often, probably too often, however to combat my sweet tooth and love of pizza, I eat a very healthy diet. I like everything I eat. That doesn’t mean you have too. I think the worst one is “You don’t need to diet, you’re already thin.” Thank you, but stop.

4. Feelings Shaming

This is important and never ever discussed. Stop shaming your fellow women for having feelings. Stop. Just Stop. Stop telling them to not be so sensitive, stop telling them to not fall in love so easy, stop telling them to stop being so guarded, stop telling them they can’t feel bad, sad, angry, annoyed, happy, etc. Again, just stop. Every time you tell your fellow woman she isn’t allowed to feel, or her emotions are stupid, you are making it okay for guys to say the same thing. How many times have you had a guy negate your feelings or say you’re being stupid by feeling the way you feel? How about we support everyone and get them the help they deserve. Having a bad day? Here’s a piece of chocolate. Upset? You can cry on this lovely shoulder of mine. Happy? Let’s celebrate, where’s the tequila? Angry? Let’s go punch the shit out of my pillows. Depressed, anxious, suicidal? Let’s talk about it, let’s go see a therapist, let me hold your hand; let me tell you it’s going to be okay. If you feel the need to shame someone else’s emotions because it’s not “valid” to you, then you need to shut your mouth and walk away because you are not worthy of that persons friendship. Feelings do not need logical validations. If we only felt logically validated things, life would be boring.

 5. Childbearing Shaming

This is also important. It is never okay to tell a woman she is making the wrong decision regarding her childbearing future. It is not okay to tell a single mother that she’s “ruined her life”. It is never okay to tell a young/teen mother that she’s “wasting her life” “that she’s fucked up”. It is never okay to tell a stay at home she “doesn’t have a real job”. It is never okay to tell a childless-by-choice woman that she is “selfish for not wanting to procreate”. It is never okay to tell a childless-by-choice women that she will “regret her decision”. Unless we are talking about your uterus, your eggs, your child, your life, your decision, then your opinion is invalid. If we showed support for young/teen/single mothers, then maybe we could make their situations so much easier. If we showed support for stay at home moms, then maybe children would have so much more respect for their mothers. If we showed respect for women who chose not to have children, maybe society would understand that a woman’s purpose in life is not to grow and push out a life. If we all respected each others choices and gave each other love, support, and respect, our children would grow up in a world where they feel love, support, and respect.

If we stopped being fucking assholes to each other all the time our young women would grow up empowered, confident, and ready to take on this world we are leaving them.

Virginity: The New “It” Club

by Kara Mendez

If I got a dollar for the amount of times someone has said “are you virgin?” to me in the last 5 or 6 years, I would be able to buy myself the beautiful Ralph Lauren heels I stare at daily- and a ba5752009155_8cba3c5802_og to match. My society’s obsession with virginity seems bizarre considering that it’s 2014 and I can walk down Time Square and see a 60-something year old woman with stickers over her nipples carrying a guitar at 2pm. (If you’re not from America or the New York City area type in “Naked Cowgirl” into your favorite search engine) However, it seems that having your virginity gives you access to a secret club that instantly makes you a better person. Now, being an American who has never left the country or even the East Coast for that matter, I often wonder is it just America or are girls being de-humanized everywhere for having sex?

I lost my virginity at 16. This event had no major effect on my life. I woke up the next morning, went to school, probably ate a bagel, and nothing changed. The only difference was that I was now experiencing disappointing high school sex. However, the reaction from my peers wasn’t as laid back as my attitude towards what happened. It was as if I told them I was engaged to be married or I was moving to Kentucky to join a traveling circus; these reactions quickly transitioned into the word “slut”. It seemed that I was being punished doing a natural consensual act. Let’s fast forward 5 years. I’m now 20 years old- almost 21- and I had two additional sex partners. (Both of whom I was in a committed relationship with. Both of whom I had consensual relationships with.) Now instead of everyone being obsessed with the fact that I am having sex they are obsessed with how many people I’ve had sex with; as if the higher the number the lower my worth.

I’m sure I’m not the only woman who has experienced this. The world is obsessed with how many men a woman has slept with. Which ones of Taylor Swift’s song-inspiring lovers did she sleep with? The world almost exploded when we all found out Britney Spears lost her virginity to Justin Timberlake. No one seemed to care that JT wasn’t a virgin but all of a sudden Britney wasn’t a “good role model” for our young women. Yes, because teaching young girls that sex is a natural part of life and that women are allowed to enjoy their sex lives would be terrible. It’s 2014 and it seems that people are still very upset by the fact that women enjoy sex and that women have sexual desires the same way men do.

Now we can talk for hours about the difference between men and women. About how men are rewarding for scoring and women are talked about behind their backs. We can have long, intellectual conversations all about the double standards in modern society. However, what we really need to be talking about how women view other women. Why does one woman having sex make you so defensive that you have to call her names? Why are women so obsessed with other women having sex? Why are virgins considered more valuable than non-virgins? Why are we so concerned with the magic number of how many sex partners we have? (I know so many women embarrassed to tell their OBGYN their number during annual visits.) If we are having safe, consensual sex with off age partners then why it considered a crime against ourselves?

Photo credit: