7 Countries that Said ‘Adios’ to Fossil Fuels & Run 100% on Clean Energy

By Jamie Perkins, welovecostarica.com

A few days ago, Colombia has suffered from a massive landslide that left over 200 people dead. A few weeks before that, Indonesia has also suffered from the same problem, although there were fewer casualties.

According to the witnesses, the landslides were caused by violent rains and heavy flooding. They have been in the area for a long time, but they have never witnessed such kind of natural disaster. In short, we are now living in an era where the effects of global warming have become worse.

Our dependence on dirty energy like fossil fuel has become one of the biggest reasons why global warming is taking place. If we don’t do something about it, we might suffer from bigger natural disasters. The good thing is that there were smaller countries that have taken the lead in fighting global warming.

They have shown that if they can do it, other countries have no reason for not following. Smaller countries have fewer financial resources, but they have managed to make the necessary changes. They have also relied on alternative energy for years – a strong rebuke to critics who have said they would still go back to fossil fuels in the future.

Our world has tremendously suffered because of global warming and we can’t afford to make it even worse.

Check out the infographic below for more information about the countries that have taken the bold move. Bigger countries should also follow their footsteps. Those who have polluted more should do more.

7 Countries that Said 'Adios' to Fossil Fuels & Run 100% on Clean Energy


The Traveling Beanie


This picture was taken of me while hiking in New Zealand.  You see that cute purple beanie on my head? This is a story about that beanie… The story of the traveling beanie.

I had been wanting a beanie for a long time but being the broke college student that I am, I never got around to actually buying one. I had tried some on but convinced myself they all looked terrible and I just wasn’t “a beanie person” because I didn’t want to spend money. One night at my favorite pub in Australia, I found this lone, purple beanie laying on a chair and I fell in love. A stranger had obviously lost it there but no one was coming back for it. I brought it home and washed it, and the beanie became mine. It was the first beanie I ever believed looked okay on me, and I wore it almost everywhere. Until one night, I lost it at a bar in New Zealand.

I don’t remember how I lost my beloved beanie. I got too drunk one night and blacked out. I don’t even remember getting back to my hostel. But I woke up in my bed the next morning with all my clothes still on, and only one thing missing— the precious purple beanie.

It’s crazy to think that someone else may have found that beanie just like I had, and is now wearing it around, maybe even in some other country. I guess that’s my karma. I have no idea where the beanie even came from, who the owner was or where they bought it. They could’ve been from another country as well. What if someday I find my beanie back in the states? That would be way too freaky…

I ended up buying two new beanies in New Zealand because I missed my old one so much. I lost one of them, but by now I have a collection of at least seven beanies, and I’ve lost quite a few. I don’t know why I have no luck with holding on to them. I guess they’re just as wanderlust as I am. Some say they were made in China and the others says made in Korea. I have no idea where my lost, purple beanie came from before it had an owner, but if I had to guess, it was probably also made in China or Korea or somewhere unfamiliar to me. Then shipped to a store, maybe or maybe not in Australia. It somehow ended up in Australia though, into my possession, then lost in New Zealand, and now who knows where it could be. Who knows where any of my lost beanies could be. These simple little beanies came all the way from Asia and could have potentially been to even more countries than I have.

This goes to show how interconnected everything can be. I can only hope that someone else has found that purple beanie (and the others…) and they have given it a new home, or new head rather, as well as a new adventure!

Originally written on Friday, October 11, 2013.
Edited and published Tuesday, January 27, 2014.