Don’t Forget the Lube!

By: Elizabeth Morris, Head of Content, Carvaka Sex Toys

So lube is just for older people or those with some health issue, right? Well that’s what a lot of people think, but the below infographic, prepared by UK Sex Toy retailer, Carvaka, shows just how much of a misconception that actually is. Lube can make all sex, gay or straight, penetrative or oral, solo or with a partner far more enjoyable and exciting for people of all ages. While when some people think of lube, they automatically think of boring old Vaseline, nowadays lube comes in a massive array of flavours, can give new and exciting sensations and is made from a choice of ingredients. Why not try a tingly, silicone based lube to add some extra spice to your next sex sesh! Or maybe liven up your next oral session with a strawberry favoured edible lubricant – the choices are almost endless. Heading away on vacation? Why not pack away some exotic flavoured lube and surprise your partner while on holiday!

So if you thought lube wasn’t for you, check out this infographic – we bet you’ll change your mind!

Carvaka IG Lube.jpg